Services Overview

At West Point Grey Physiotherapy we provide both general and specific treatment rehabilitation programs for various clinical conditions including:

General Services

  • Sports Injuries

    Along with the benefits of exercise there is also potential risk of injury. At West Point Grey Physiotherapy we have a team of experienced physiotherapists, kinesiologists and massage therapists that will work together to provide patient-centered, holistic treatment approaches to ensure a speedy return to play.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident

    Motor Vehicle Accidents are one of the leading causes of upper back and neck injury. Whiplash, a common injury sustained in MVAs should be treated as soon as possible. Our team of physiotherapists and massage therapists provide collaborative patient-centered care to ensure successful recovery from various MVA musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Work Related Injuries

    The province of British Columbia has the third highest prevalence of work related injuries (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2009). Some of the most common work related injuries are strains and sprains due to overuse and bone fractures.

    At West Point Grey Physiotherapy we prescribe effective treatment strategies to ensure a prompt return to work.

    We work with the Worker’s Compensation Board of British Columbia and provide treatment for work-related injuries under approved WCB claims.

  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation

    Our talented physiotherapists have over twenty years of experience working with and providing appropriate rehabilitation for post-operative patients.

    We also provide treatment for post knee and hip replacement surgery which is covered by Vancouver Coastal Health.

  • Neurological Conditions

    The staff at WPGP are capable of providing rehabilitation for a variety of neurological conditions including Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke.

Specialized Services

  • Neck and Back Care

    Objective spinal assessment with ValedoShape. Treatments may involve spinal joint mobilization, soft tissue release, electrotherapy and exercise therapy with ValedoMotion. The ValedoMotion enhances the low back pain therapy with functional motivating exercises specifically designed for low back pain therapy.

  • Active Rehabilitation Therapy

    West Point Grey Physiotherapy offers an Active Rehabilitation Program which is specifically designed to help patients recover from injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. One on one sessions with our registered physiotherapists will focus on exercises that help you return to work as quickly as possible.

    ICBC approval is required for participation in this program as the cost of treatment is covered by ICBC.

  • Women’s Health

    WPGP offers many treatment options for various women’s health issues such as:

    • Breast care following Mastectomy or Breast Augmentation
    • Capsular Contracture following Breast Augmentation
    • Treatment for Incontinence – stress, urgency and following pregnancy
    • Treatment of Dyspareunia
    • Vestibulodynia
    • Vaginismus
    • Ano-Rectal Disorders

  • Active Shoulder Rehabilitation

    This unique orthopaedic service helps you manage all shoulder, neck and upper back complaints.
    Consultations involve accurate diagnosis, early treatment with cutting edge rehabilitation, combined with a wealth of experience and expertise. A continuum of treatment is offered from acute injury management, chronic injury recovery and high performance fitness and health.

  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction

    WPGP offers assessment and treatment of TMJ dysfunction caused by:

    • Trauma to the TMJ (i.e. impact to the jaw or head)
    • Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD)
    • Arthritis
    • Dislocation
    • Poor posture
    • Excessive chewing or biting

  • Balance Disorders

    We offer a variety of treatments for addressing balance disorders, including strengthening exercises, properioception enhancement, and Valedo® therapy.

  • Custom-made Orthotics

    We use the TOG gait Scan to assess and make custom orthotics. The TOG GaitScan™ is an innovative diagnostic tool and digital casting device that allows practitioners to analyze patient biomechanics and order custom orthotic products.

    With 4096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second, GaitScan™ is the industry leader in dynamic scanning capabilities.

  • Acupuncture

    During acupuncture treatment there is insertion of very fine stainless steel needles into acupoints. Most of those points are found along meridians by which energy or Qi flows through the body. When acupuncture points are stimulated there is release of endorphins (naturaly produced pain killers) which help block the message of pain and promote healing process.

    Acupuncture is most effective in treating acute and chronic pain ,such as headache ,low back ,neck or muscle pain,as well as an osteoarthritism and repetetive strain conditions.

  • Arthritis

    Besides regular treatments to improve joint mobility and control pain, we offer “Short Wave Diathermy” to speed up the healing process. “Short Wave Diathermy” is a form of electromagnetic wave which helps decrease joint stiffness, increase vasodilatation, and reduce muscle spasm.

Physiotherapy treatment sessions last at least the duration of 1 hour per session. However in order to tailor treatment to your schedule you can choose a shorter duration (½ hour minimum)

All of our patients can count on one-on-one treatment from any of our skilled professionals. Successful rehabilitation is our top priority.

As a patient you will benefit from:
  • A thorough assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms
  • Relief through a broad range of treatment techniques and modalities
  • Expert advice on how to manage your injury, disease and/or disability.

Our treatment protocol includes manual therapy, exercise therapy, and patient education.

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