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Amir Nourbakhsh

Registered Physiotherapist

Amir specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, with an emphasis on hands-on treatment and exercise therapy. He is also proficient in the treatment of neurological conditions such as stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injuries.

Amir’s clinical experience includes 5 years of practice at neurological and orthopedic departments as a clinical instructor involved with knee, shoulder, hip and lower back post surgical rehabilitation. He has also been a private practitioner for over 18 years, managing a wide variety of disorders including neck and back disc degenerative diseases, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tendonitis, and sport injuries.

Amir graduated from IUMS in 1989 and 1993, with a Baccalaureate and Masters degree in Physiotherapy (both honors). He has completed postgraduate training in orthopedic manual therapy and has advanced training in exercise therapy and motor control disorders. He has also passed the comprehensive exams for the Neurophysiology Ph.D. program in the Department of Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University in 2001.

Amir is the co-director of West Point Grey Physiotherapy Clinic.

Martyna Chrzastowska

Bsc.P.T., M.C.P.A.
Registered Physiotherapist

Martyna has over 17 years of professional experience as a therapist working in a variety of orthopedic clinics and hospitals in Europe, Ontario, Alberta and for the last 11 years in Vancouver.

Her patients benefit from her European professional background and the newest physiotherapy techniques she has learned in North America.

Martyna has completed professional training in over 20 treatment programs, including advanced manual therapy techniques, myotherapy, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, muscle imbalance, Brunkov and Thiel technique of isometric exercises, knee treatment, sport injuries and many more. Martyna created her own specific technique combining the use of manual therapy, soft tissue massage and stretches which are very effective when treating majority of musculoskeletal disorders.

Working in conjunction with leading cosmetic surgeon she also developed a specific technique for management of soft tissue in post breast augmentation procedure. This is a manual method that improves tissue pliability and overall circulation.

Areas of Specialization:
  • Female and male urinary incontinence
  • Dyspareunia (pain experienced during sexual activity), Vestibulodynia and Vulvodynia
  • Facial rejuvenation technique (a non-surgical alternative for improving muscle tone of the face) and care following facial surgery.
  • Follow up treatment for breast augmentation, mastectomy, and breast care, capsular contractures and shoulder problems after cancer treatment

Cameron Bennett

Bachelor of Science (Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology) BSc.
Bachelor of Physiotherapy BPhty
Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy MPhty
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist CSCS

Cameron graduated from the University of Melbourne, Australia with a Bachelor degree in Science followed immediately by a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. He returned to the University of Melbourne several years later to obtain his Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. A Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is focused on improving a physiotherapist’s ability to manage complex disorders, question current methods of treatment and explore methods of injury, body mechanics and rehabilitation styles.

Cameron has worked in many capacities as a physiotherapist including team physiotherapist for various sports, private and public hospital work, pre-post spinal surgery, multidisciplinary sports clinics, multidisciplinary spinal clinics and undergraduate university teaching.

Cameron has provided specialty rehabilitation for shoulder, neck and upper back problems since beginning his Masters degree. Significant time was spent examining specialist work and many aspects of shoulder movement and shoulder disorders. Approximately 95% of Cameron’s clinical work is treating shoulder problems. He treats a wide range of problems in all age groups and activity levels. In addition to his clinical work, Cameron offers a range of lectures and workshops to both physicians and physiotherapists.

A large portion of his clinical work is through direct referrals from General Physicians and various Specialists in fields including interventional radiology, sports medicine, neurology, rheumatology and orthopedic surgery. Cameron also offers limited practice time for legal, sports and ergonomic consulting.

For more information on consultation times and clinics visit: www.activeshoulder.com

Bahareh Ghanbari

BSc(PT), MSc(PT), PhD (Rehab Sciences), CAFCI, CGIMS
Registered Physiotherapist

Bahareh specializes in the treatment of chronic pain, muscular and orthopedic injuries. She received her doctorate degree in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of British Columbia and her Baccalaureate and Masters degrees in Physiotherapy.

Bahareh’s clinical experience includes soft tissue release, joint mobilization/mnipulation, manual therapy, postural re-education, education on injury prevention, and exercise rehabilitation in various conditions such as back and neck strains, knee and shoulder injuries, joint replacement, as well as sport injuries. She also practices intramuscular stimulation (IMS)– a technique for treating pain in the absence of tissue damage or inflammation, such as headaches, “whiplash”, backache, tennis elbow or frozen shoulder.

Bahareh’s research focus and experience mainly involves the study of chronic pain, muscle dysfunction using Near Infrared Spectroscopy, MRI and muscle strength testing, physical activity monitoring, and quality of life in people with chronic musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary conditions. She has acted as a teacher’s assistant in clinical skills and research methodology courses, and an clinical examiner within the Department of Physiotherapy at UBC-Master of Physiotherapy program. She also acts as a reviewer for multiple scientific journals on areas of chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions. Outside of work, Bahareh enjoys Yoga, cycling, and swimming.

Areas of Special Interest:
  • Chan Gunn Intramuscular stimulation (IMS)
  • Manual therapy/Joint mobilization/manipulation
  • Dry Needling and anatomical acupuncture
  • Orthopaedics/ Sports Injuries
  • Exercise therapy

Alexis Seyforth-Pedersen

Bachelor of Science (UBC) BSc
Bachelor of General Studies (Physiology and biopsychology)

Alexis completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia before completing a Bachelor of General Studies with a focus on physiology and biopsychology. She then had the wonderful opportunity to move to Australia for three years, where she attained her Doctor of Physiotherapy, graduating with distinction from the University of Melbourne.

Alexis began in the health industry over 10 years ago working as a personal trainer. Her experience with diverse age groups and backgrounds has only enhanced her skills and passion for working with people. Her interest in performance training has married well with her physiotherapy skills and training in active rehabilitation, incorporating exercise and movement to help her patients achieve their goals and return to what they love. She believes injuries are an opportunity to learn about your body; an understanding that will lead to stronger outcomes and less injury in the future.

Alexis hopes to strengthen her skills working with diverse musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, but hopes to pursue studies in chronic pain management. Outside the clinic, Alexis enjoys weight training, playing tennis, discovering new recipes to cook and bake, and travelling.

Nader Maroufi

BSC, MSC, PhD, Phty
Kinesiologist-TMJ/TMD Therapist

Nader Maroufi is specialized in TMJ/TMD rehabilitation and is currently offering this service in Canada as a Kinesiologist. Graduated in Physiotherapy (1989) and continued his post-graduate Master of Physiotherapy program (1992), he took his passion in both clinical practice and academic teaching in the field of musculoskeletal rehabilitation (spine, extremities, and temporomandibular injuries).

In 2005, he completed his PhD program in Physiotherapy with his specific focus on the control of posture and movement. Nader has worked very hard for over 25 years, bridging practice to research, and implementing the best practice into TMJ and spinal rehabilitation. He is also lecturing TMD topics to large groups of Dentists in study clubs, seminars, and Dental events/ conferences. Nader strongly believes in team approach toward patient care and has been very successful in collaborating with a large number of Dentists and specialists in GVA since 2019, making their job easier in helping TMD sufferers.

Considering his strong background in manual therapy, biomechanics, and motor control, he has a holistic approach in his TMJ assessment and treatment, addressing all possible factors that might contribute to acute or chronic TMJ signs and symptoms, and the associated neck pain, ear symptoms and headaches.

Based on the referring Dentist/ Doctor diagnosis and the client’s history, he plans for a comprehensive assessment of TMJ-neck-shoulder mobility, stability, and function. He looks for the contribution of such factors as poor posture, respiratory pattern abnormalities, parafunctional habits, trauma, and stress to the TMD client’s clinical condition (bruxism, disc-condyle derangement, jaw restrictions, TMJ arthritis, tinnitus, OSA, etc.).

He takes advantage of his hands-on skills (soft tissue releases and joint mobilization), tailored exercises (correction of faulty posture, movement abnormalities, and respiratory dysfunctions) , and modalities such as laser and ultrasound in managing the client’s symptoms, and restoring mobility, stability and functioning to the injured masticatory system. Nader enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hiking, biking, and exercising in the gym.

Kasha Karami


I have always been interested in how the human body works, the relation between each and every muscle, and even organs. I am an active person; I love to partake in different sports like martial arts and soccer, and read in my spare time.

I understand what it feels to want to make the health of your body a priority. I love my job and I believe massage therapy can make a difference in people’s lives, and I would love to help you make that happen.

I am very happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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